Why Should We Reduce Our Dependency on Prescription Drugs or Products Containing Caffeine, Sugar and Other Additives?

Pharmaceutical drugs typically contain chemicals that are not natural to the body. If we can treat our bodies naturally, and it works, isn’t it always better? Of course! The problem is that many patients are on multiple prescriptions for pharmaceutical drugs that may not be in the best combinations for your health.

Also, many so-called “natural” products or nutraceuticals contain substances that could actually be just as harmful as pharmaceutical drugs. In addition, many products, including some supplements that are touted as “natural” contain large amounts of caffeine and sugar, which have been proven to give you an instant “pickme-up” but drop you down quickly and are actually harmful to your cells.

Many cells, such as the cells in the breast tissue of women, are highly susceptible to changes because of caffeine. Additionally, caffeine, like sugar, over-stimulates the adrenals and then weakens them with persistent or chronic use. What happens when we overstimulate our adrenals? FATIGUE!

What happens is cell membranes are damaged due to these outside chemicals. When cells are attacked, they no longer perform at their previous levels. This leads to fatigue.