Supplements that Offer Patients Real Therapeutic Benefits

Questions for Prof. Garth Nicolson
Department of Molecular Pathology,
The Institute for Molecular Medicine,
Huntington Beach, California

I’m a major advocate of Grapeseed Extract and Pycnogenol and have used both since 1995. My allergies/sinus/headache issues are just about history. I have a lot of info on these antioxidants and trust that they do slow down the aging process.

I was given the FM dx back in 1999 and another doc said she didn’t think I had it. I deal with a lot of OA issues. I have to believe that the Pycnogenol and GE could have slowed down the FM issues.

Can you speak on these?

Dr. Nicolson’s reply:

I am all for any supplements that offer patients real therapeutic benefits. Often herbal and nutraceutical supplements are overlooked in favor of pharmaceutical drugs, but we have found them in general to be very useful. You have mentioned two that are useful. I discussed in previous posts that there are some disadvantages with the nutraceuticals in terms of speed of response, efficacy of the nutracuetical, adverse reactions of some patients to certain nutraceuticals (this seems to be much less than pharmaceuticals but it can occur) and the fact that some responses are only temporary and require higher and higher doses to achieve the same effects. Even with these limitations, nutraceuticals are often a less expensive way to help in the recovery process, and they are certainly useful for anti-aging and to help in the prevention of various conditions.