Smart Youthful Energy Shot, No Herbs or Stimulants

One two-ounce Smart Youthful Energy Shot has been shown to reduce fatigue in as little as 15 minutes!  Smart Youthful Energy contains our clinically proven fatigue reducing formula, NT Factor. The food and food extract based formula contains glycophospholipds that reduce fatigue by maintaining the health of your cells. Fatigue is caused when the lipids in cell membranes are damaged; when the cell can no longer operate at optimal levels, energy is lost causing fatigue. The NT Factor formula has been proven to reduce fatigue through Lipid Replacement Therapy, the damaged lipids in cell membranes are replaced with healthy lipids and optimal energy production is restored to the cell.

Smart Youthful Energy does not contain herbs or stimulants common in other energy shots that only temporarily treat the symptoms of fatigue. Smart Youthful Energy and the patented NT Factor blend effectively treat the cause of fatigue for sustained energy.

Smart Youthful Energy can be taken for an added boost during the day for those seeking additional energy for physical activity or for an especially busy day. Smart Youthful Energy studies were done using one two-ounce shot, however,  studies have shown no negative side effects of the shot and additional dosages can be taken throughout the day.