It’s More Than Just Sugar

March is National Nutrition Month and Diabetes is in the News

Maybe you have heard some of the recent controversy over Type 2 Diabetes.  But if you have not, we’re here to educate you on prevention and offer support. Diabetes is one of the most common chronic diseases in the world; the World Health Organization estimates than more the 346 million people worldwide have diabetes.  This astonishing number is expected to at least double by 2030 if intervention does not start now.  It is not something we should be accepting as a fact of life.


Type 2 diabetes, also known as adult-onset diabetes, is most commonly caused by the body’s inefficient use of insulin.  This is often the result of excess body weight and a lack of physical activity. The inept use of insulin causes the body to be in a state of hyperglycemia, also known as high blood sugar. Not only does high blood sugar cause diabetes, but it leads to damage to the rest of the body. In a state of hyperglycemia, there are excess levels of glucose, commonly called sugar, circulating in the body’s blood plasma which can cause which can lead to damage of other parts and systems in the body.  Among them are, kidney and neurological damage, cardiovascular system and retinal degradation, and injury to the feet and legs. Diabetes has been linked to heart attacks, strokes, blindness, and nerve destruction, which result in limb amputations and renal disease.


How can such a simple molecule like sugar wreak such havoc on the body? An excess of sugar in the blood plasma leads to the increased generation of free radicals, or oxidative stress, that cause damage to our cells.


These particular free radicals are created when these sugar molecules react with protein resulting in broken glycated proteins. These glycated proteins then induce the production of free radicals.  The resulting oxidative stress is responsible for the harm done to the membranes of our cells and mitochondria. Free radicals generate chemical reactions that degrade the lipids in our cell and mitochondrial membranes, decreasing cell function, cell energy, and even causing cell death.


Blood plasma is to our red blood cells and essential nutrients, what the ocean is to a fish.  It is a means to move. Without healthy blood plasma, red blood cells and life sustaining nutrients are left without an efficient means to move, or be transported to and from our body’s systems. Blood plasma also does the same for these free radical created glycated proteins.  It carries the harmful proteins throughout our body. The effects of free radical damage on our cells differs system the damage occurs in; in the kidneys it leads to renal failure, in the brain it leads to memory loss and a decrease in cognitive function, in the muscles it leads to fatigue, in the cardiovascular system it leads strokes and heart attacks.  This chain reaction continues for each of the body systems.


Now that we know how diabetes is initiated, and the damage that it does to your entire body, what can you do to protect yourself against high blood sugar?


  1. Eat a balanced and healthy diet to prevent excess weight gain that can lead to diabetes
  2. Exercise regularly to prevent excess weight gain and increase the cells’ natural detoxification processes that defend against free radicals
  3. Eat antioxidant rich fruits and vegetables
  4. Supplement your diet with beneficial antioxidants to help neutralize the effects of oxidative stress from excess free radicals in your system


If you don’t think you have enough energy to exercise regularly and need help starting a healthy diet, we can help! Nutritional Therapeutics, Inc. manufacturers a number of products that contain a unique food and food extract based formula that decreases fatigue and increases your energy levels using Lipid Replacement Therapy. Lipid Replacement Therapy is the process through which damaged lipids in cell membranes and mitochondrial membranes are replaced with healthy lipids. Using Lipid Replacement Therapy, healthy lipids are introduced into the body to replace damaged cell membrane lipids with new healthy ones.  This restores optimal function to the cell protecting against further degradation, and reducing fatigue.  All this while helping to protect the body from other degenerative diseases, and side effects resulting from Type 2 Diabetes.


The unique formula NT Factor® Mitochondrial Fuel Blend contains phosphoglycolipids.  These lipids are able to replace the damaged lipids in your cell’s membranes that are degraded by free radicals. In order to maintain the health of the new lipids, the NT Factor formula contains beneficial bacteria that create a stable environment in the stomach and intestinal tract for the phosphoglycolipids, growth media to support the rapid growth of the bacteria colonies that neutralize the effects of free radicals to allow the NT Factor lipids to stay healthy during their transportation to the damaged cells.


Our Products:


Youthful Energy tablets contain over 5000mg of NT Factor® Mitochondrial Fuel Blend, plus a complete line of B Vitamins and other essential minerals. Through the process of Lipid Replacement Therapy, the contained in the Fuel Blend are able to repair cell damage, restore mitochondria and cell function, prevent against mitochondrial DNA degradation, and restore energy levels to the body. The additional the B vitamins in Youthful Energy tablets enhance the formula beyond the benefits of just NT Factor lipids; b vitamins support the nervous system, cell metabolism, hair, skin and nail health, muscle tone and cell growth and division. B vitamins are also essential for blood building, help to protect against anemia, and have been used to provide additional cellular energy for everyday activities.


Smart Youthful Energy is a natural and herb, stimulant, caffeine and sugar free 2 ounce shot containing 1,200 mg of NT Factor® lipids that provides a boost of energy in as little as 15 minutes. Smart Youthful Energy doesn’t give you the jitters and won’t lead to sudden energy crash in a few hours. NT Factor lipids are expedited to the damaged cell and membranes in the liquid formula, replacing damaged lipids and restoring optimal cell function and increasing energy levels fast. Smart Youthful Energy is great in the morning for an initial boost, before a workout, or just in the middle of a long day.