Help Your Health and Restore Energy Levels

Propax Gold with NT Factor is a complete food based nutritional system that contains; vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, healthy bacteria and glycophospholipids.  Vitamins and minerals support your overall health and function of your body systems, antioxidants neutralize the damaging chemical reactions produced by free radicals and the unique blend of glycophospholipids repair the damage to your cells caused by free radicals. Poor nutritional choices and environmental stress leads our bodies to require more nutrition than our daily diets can provide. As we age, toxins build up in our bodies and our systems are degraded from a variety of factors. Healthy diet combined with regular exercise and quality nutritional supplements can increase your overall health and energy levels and extend your youth.

Antioxidants product your body against the oxidative damage caused by free radicals. Free radicals are by-products of naturals reactions that occur within your body that utilize oxygen, such as the reaction between oxygen and the foods you eat which produces energy usable by your body. Free radicals can also be generated from reactions with environmental toxins, such as air pollution and smoke, and the natural progression of aging. Free radicals attack the lipids in cell membranes and degrade their ability to produce and transfer energy to the rest of your body. When cells are degraded, is can manifest as the physical symptom of fatigue, fatigue is the most common symptom of patients seeking general medical advice. Fatigue is described as an overall lack of energy and the inability to perform daily activities without exertion; it becomes chronic when energy levels cannot be restored by normal sleep patterns.

The proprietary blend of NT Factor containing lipids, antioxidants, healthy bacteria and growth media has proven successful in repairing optimal cell function and restoring energy. When the lipids in your cell membranes are damaged by free radicals, your cells cannot function properly and are unable to produce and transfer energy for your body systems. NT Factor creates a optimal environment for healthy lipids to reach damaged cell membranes. Once healthy lipids have been absorbed by the cells energy product and transfer is restored and fatigue is reduced.

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Propax Gold with NT Factor can increase your overall health, protect your cells against degradation, maintain energy levels and fight aging!