How to Stay on Track with a Healthy Lifestyle During the Holidays

Do you indulge during the Holiday season and then pledge to return to healthy eating and lifestyle choices at the New Year? What if you were able to keep up with good habits during the Holiday season, would you?

Use These Tips for STAYING on Track with Your Healthy Eating

and Exercise Habits During the Holidays


  • Portion Control: Just because the food is there doesn’t mean you have to eat it all and then come back for seconds! Choose a few of your favorites, and the healthiest, and don’t overload your plate.


  • Take your time: The brain recognizes fullness by the number of times you chew your food. So sit down, relax, chew and enjoy the food, it’s not a race! Don’t rush through your meal just to get up and get another plate that your body doesn’t need and your waist line will resent you for later.


  • Balanced Meals: Just because it’s the holidays doesn’t mean you can forget about balance. Try to fill your plate with a combination of protein, fats and carbohydrates, this way you will stay fuller longer. The protein will also help keep your sugar cravings away.


  • Eat Breakfast: Many times we are so busy preparing Holiday meals and deserts that our normal eating habits are thrown out the window. Eating breakfast is a great way to start your metabolism and balance your blood sugar to help you eat less when dinner is served.


  • Make your recipes healthier: Choosing ingredient alternatives that can lower the fat, sugar, salt and calories in your meals is a great way to maintain Holiday traditions while staying healthy.


  • Boost your water and fiber intake: Increasing your intake of water and fiber-full foods can help fill you up, leading you to eat less.


  • Stay Active: If you are eating more, the logical thing to do would be to exercise more or at least keep up with your current work out. Get the whole family involved, they’re eating too! Exercise isn’t only for weight loss, but for good health as well.


  • Buddy Up: Do you work out with a friend? If not, the Holiday Season is a great time to start! Having plans with someone else to meet at the gym helps to maintain your sense of responsibility to your work out, they will know if you don’t show!


  • Keep the booze at bay: Alcohol has calories, empty calories. Limit your consumption during the Holidays and all year round. Alcohol affects your blood sugar levels and lowers your inhibitions leading some to go searching for late night snacks even while their belt buckles are still open from dinner. If you are consuming alcohol, be sure to be safe and have a designated driver.



If you are on a weight loss plan at the time the Holiday feasting begins, do not despair. You can still enjoy the company of family and friends and the spirit of the Holidays without indulging. You may want to consider this two-month Holiday span a time for weight management instead of weight loss; this can help reduce the stress of the Holidays while maintaining your diet. You can still celebrate your “progress” of not gaining any weight because let’s face it; the holidays are as enjoyable as they are tough!