Healthy Curb with NT Factor for Safe, Effective and Manageable Weight Loss

Healthy Curb contains the extensively researched phaselous vulgaris plus NT Factor lipids and has been proven to reduce carbohydrate and sugar cravings, block the absorption of carbohydrates and reduce fatigue associated with diet and exercise regiments. Phaselous Vulgaris is recognized by the FDA as a weight loss supplement; commonly called white kidney bean, it has been proven in independent studies to prevent the natural enzymes in saliva and the pancreas from breaking carbohydrates into simple sugars preventing the body from absorbing the carbohydrates and eliminating them from the body.

White kidney bean extract has a positive correlation with weight management and reduction when taken 30 minutes before each carbohydrate containing meal. Healthy Curb has the added benefits of NT Factor lipids that help to repair the damage done to cell membranes from the stress excess weight puts on your body. In addition, NT Factor lipids help to provide the body with the means to produce a sufficient amount of energy while dieting and for exercise purposes. In over 15 years of studies conducted by Nutritional Therapeutics affiliated doctors, Healthy Curb has been shown to contribute to weight and inch loss, reduce overall hunger and cravings for sweets, decrease fatigue, improve blood lipid profiles indicating improved cardiovascular health and has shown no adverse side effects for participants.

Healthy curb is a safe and effective means to achieve sustainable weight loss without harmful chemicals, herbs or caffeine.

Learn More from the Healthy Curb with NT Factor study published in the Journal of Functional Foods in Health and Disease: