Healthy Curb is a Proven Weight Loss Method

60-Day Trial on Healthy Curb with NT Factor Proves Weight Loss is Possible

Being overweight can also contribute to fatigue from the added stress and requirements of the body. Exercise and a healthy diet are usually the first recommendations for someone trying to lose weight, but it is not always the right course of action. If the additional pounds are contributing to fatigue, where can the energy needed for a quality work out come from? You can try to eat healthy but with your busy life how long will a new diet really last?
A study done on a unique product, Healthy Curb with NT Factor, proved that you can lose weight and increase your energy without a change in your diet or activity level. In the trial, Healthy Curb with NT Factor was taken by overweight individuals 30 minutes before each meal for a two month period. Over this time weight measurements were taken as well as BMI and BMR calculations. The study resulted in 63% of patients experiencing an average 6 pounds weight loss and inches lost off their waist and hips. Overall, participants lost a total of 3 pounds and also showed measurable inch loss in the same areas.
Body Mass Index is a measurement used to classify overweight and obese adults; a person’s weight in kilograms divided by the square of their height in meters.

If your BMI is greater than or equal to 25 you are classified as overweight, greater than or equal to 30 you are classified as obese. Some special conditions are not taken into account and BMI should be measured by a health care practitioner if being used for medical reasons. Study participants saw a reduction in BMI by the second week and a continuation of this trend through the end of the study.
Calculate your BMI on the U.S Department of Health and Human Services Website:

Basal Metabolic Rate is the amount of calories your body expends to maintain body functions while at rest. By training your body and metabolisms with regular eating habits, you can increase BMR and burn more calories even when your body is at rest. BMR began to increase from weeks two to four during the 60-day trial, and hit plateau at a healthy, sustainable level by week 8. BMR decreases with age making it harder to stay slim as you age without decreasing your caloric intake. Healthy Curb can decrease the body’s cravings for carbohydrates and sweets and curb your appétit, making it easier to prevent weight gain as you age.
Healthy Curb with NT Factor is a proven solution that can help curb your appetite, decrease your craving for carbohydrates, help you lose inches from your waist line, decrease your BMI and increase your BMR. Healthy eating habits and exercise are encouraged, but not necessary when using Healthy Curb.
The NT Factor blend in Healthy Curb gives you the added energy your body will need to support daily activities. As determined by the proven Piper Fatigue Scale, fatigue levels were shown to decrease by 23% overall during the trial. Through Lipid Replacement Therapy, NT Factor replaces damaged lipids in the cell membranes that are responsible for conducting reactions that produce energy inside the cell. With healthy lipids, your body can naturally produce more energy therefore reducing fatigue and increasing overall health.
Worried about consuming an occasional alcoholic beverage while taking Healthy Curb? The study on Healthy Curb with NT Factor was conducted under the National Institute of Health Guidelines for alcohol consumption; one drink a day for women or anyone over 65 and two drinks per day for men under 65.
Healthy Curb with NT Factor can help you achieve your weight loss goals, help you maintain your current weight and decrease your fatigue. Healthy Curb is a safe, unique formula that does not contain herbs, stimulants or chemicals and is well tolerated. During the 60-day trial, participants did not report any adverse side effects of taking Healthy Curb.
There is no longer an excuse to not lose those extra pounds, try Healthy Curb with NT Factor today!

“Dietary Supplement Healthy Curb For Reducing Weight, Girth, Body Mass, Appetite and Fatigue While Improving Blood Lipid Values with NTFactor Lipid Replacement Therapy”

Garth Nicolson, PhD, Rita Ellithorpe, MD and Robert Settineri, MS

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