Get Relief From Fatigue in as Little as 15 Minutes!

Herbs and stimulants are the common components of many energy drinks and shots. Nutritional Therapeutics has managed to produce a successful energy shot without these components that leave you wanting more.The Smart Youthful Energy shot contains NT Factor, a proprietary blend of food and food extracts. NTFactor, in tablet form, has been proven to combat fatigue through Lipid Replacement Therapy. Nutritional Therapeutics has now introduced their successful blend in an energy shot, it works quickly and safely to restore energy and keep cells healthy.

The cell membranes in your body can be degraded, causing you to lose energy. This degradation can be due to aging, degenerative disease, medical treatment or environmental stresses. The NT Factor formula repairs cell membranes by replacing damaged lipids with healthy ones that protect the energy being produced in the cell. With healthy cell membranes, energy production is increased and your fatigue is reduced.

Smart Youthful Energy is a 2 ounce liquid energy shot that introduces a revolutionary and safe way to increase your energy. A proven fatigue survey showed participants, of varied fatigue levels, beginning to feel relief from in 15 minutes and an increase in energy, clarity and focus in one hour.

Relief from Fatigue in as Little as 15 Minutes!

Even if you’re not fighting fatigue, the NT Factor formula can still benefit you. Smart Youthful Energy can also be used to increase sports performance and increase general activity level. Your body’s cell membranes can be damaged by a variety of factors including environmental stress, oxidative foods and other toxins. Those looking to gain energy for activity can use the Smart Youthful Energy shot for quick sustained energy.


Don’t wait, get relief from fatigue and boost your physical energy in as little as 15 minutes!