Degenerative Brain Diseases Can Start as Early as Age 45!

It had been previously thought that degenerative brain diseases, such as Alzheimer’s, did not begin until at least age 60. However, a 10 year study conducted on more than 7,000 participants has shown that memory loss and a decrease in comprehension and reasoning can start as early as age 45. Participants had their cognition tested multiple times over the 10 year period to track the level of brain function, results of the study have brought greater attention to addressing brain disease at an early age. Paticipants between ages 45 and 49 lost an average of 3.6% of mental reasoning over the ten year period. Degeneration was shown at greater levels with older participants; men ages 65-70 lost an average of 9.6% of mental reasoning skills and 7.4% for women in the same age group. The youngest member of the study was 45 years old, meaning that deterioration of the brain may begin even earlier.

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As you age, your brain shrinks causing a decrease in brain function; shrinkage occurs when cells are damaged, can no longer function at optimal levels or die. This damage can occur from poor diet, environmental stress, toxins, and the natural progression of aging. Deterioration is exacerbated as more cells are damaged and put additional stress on healthy cells that will soon become deteriorated. Lipid Replacement Therapy is a proven method for replacing the damaged lipids with healthy ones in the cell membranes that are responsible for protecting the processes that occur within the cell. When the cell membrane is full of healthy lipids, the cell can function at an optimal level, provide sufficent energy for your body and help minimize brain shrinkage from dead cells. NT Factor is a revolutionary formula scientifically proven to provide healthy lipids to your cells. NT Factor is a safe, food and food extract based formula that can successfully fight the deterioration of your cells from oxidation, aging and environmental stress.

An Oregon Brain and Aging Study, recently published by the journal Neurology, reports that Vitamins B, C, D, E and Omegas have also been shown to combat Alzheimer’s Disease.

CNBC Reports On the 10 Year Study that Proves Brain Degeneration can Begin as Early as Age 45

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