Healthy Curb is a Proven Weight Loss Method

60-Day Trial on Healthy Curb with NT Factor Proves Weight Loss is Possible Being overweight can also contribute to fatigue from the added stress and requirements of the body. Exercise and a healthy diet are usually the first recommendations for someone trying to lose weight, but it is not always the right course of action. Read More

Get Relief From Fatigue in as Little as 15 Minutes!

Herbs and stimulants are the common components of many energy drinks and shots. Nutritional Therapeutics has managed to produce a successful energy shot without these components that leave you wanting more.The Smart Youthful Energy shot contains NT Factor, a proprietary blend of food and food extracts. NTFactor, in tablet form, has been proven to combat Read More

What’s The Bottom Line on Joint Pain?

60-70% of people over the age of 70 have some degree of Osteoarthritis (OA).  So learning what starts the process and the inflammation that comes with it are important. The bottom line may be your cells; in particular, your mitochondria.  So what are these little things, and how do they relate to you.  The mitochondria Read More

Pre-Diabetes Metabolic Syndrome, Type 2 Diabetes and Mitochondrial Function

By Prof. Garth L. Nicolson Department of Molecular Pathology, The Institute for Molecular Medicine, Huntington Beach, California Type 2 Diabetes develops from a pre-Diabetes condition called Metabolic Syndrome (MetSynd).  MetSynd is present in over 22% of the adult U.S. population, and it is made up of several interrelated disturbances of sugar and lipid metabolism.  Read More

Are You at Risk for Diabetes

The American Heart Association recognizes Metabolic Syndrome as a growing concern.  According to the AHA the following are several of the symptoms, causes and possible treatment for Metabolic Syndrome. What is the metabolic syndrome? The metabolic syndrome is characterized by a group of metabolic risk factors in one person. They include: Abdominal obesity (excessive fat tissue Read More

The NT Factor Difference

“… the nutrient of the decade!“ There are a number of products containing NTFactor®, each uniquely formulated to rebuild your cells and provide other important nutritional considerations. The one featured in this Newsletter, Propax with NTFactor® is a multivitamin supplement packet that is different from any other vitamin packet on the market. Why? Because it Read More

Is Your Cardiovascular Health In Danger?

When your cardiovascular health is in danger, you often are at a loss as to what you can or can’t do to improve your quality of life. And why shouldn’t you? The numerous difficulties you have to overcome and control can be daunting.   The most common risk factors are those developing from, or related to, Read More

Optimism Strengthens Your Immune System

In a study of about 125 first-year law students, researchers examined the relationship between personal optimism and cell-mediated immunity (CMI), which plays a central role in protecting you against viral infections. At five points over the course of the school year, participants answered a series of questions and had their CMI measured through a simple Read More

Who’s At Risk For Colon Cancer?

  Colon cancer comes in third on the list of overall cancer diagnoses every year. Over 100,000 people will be diagnosed, resulting in about 56,000 mortalities. Colon cancer accounts for about 10 percent of all cancer deaths. However, new research is showing some promise. A new study from the University of North Carolina suggests a Read More