Are you feeling fatigued? Do everyday tasks require significant effort to compete?

Obtain relief from fatigue

Are you feeling fatigued? Do everyday tasks require significant effort to compete?

You are not alone. Fatigue is a natural side effect of aging, many degenerative diseases and medical treatments. Fatigue can also be caused by environmental stresses. No matter the orientation of your fatigue, the source of it is the same. Fatigue is caused by the degradation of cell membranes due to oxidation and free radical damage.  When the cell membrane is degraded, the cell is unable to function at optimal levels resulting in fatigue for the individual.

Lipid Replacement Therapy is the replacement of damaged lipids that make up the cell membrane with healthy, fully functional lipids. LRT, combined with antioxidants, has been proven to increase cellular function and reduce individual’s fatigue.  NT Factor by Nutritional Therapeutics targets the source of fatigue at the cellular level without herbs, stimulants or chemicals. NT Factor is a proprietary formula that is comprised of phosphoglycolipids that can replace the damaged lipids of the cell membranes degraded by oxidation and free radicals.

Nutritional Therapeutics couples the unique powers of NTFactor with their superior multivitamin packet, Propax and Propax Gold. Both formulas supply a complete nutritional system that supports overall health and increases the benefits of NTFactor. PropaxGold has additional antioxidants, such as; resveratrol, coenzyme q10 and green tea that can further aid in the reduction of fatigue by eliminating free radicals and oxidative stresses in the body. Nutritional Therapeutics has effectively combated fatigue with their unique formulas by replacing the damaged lipids with healthy ones and then furthering the functional life span of the lipids by neutralizing the degenerative chain reaction free radicals can inflict on the cells. In recent surveys, results were felt in as little as three days, and fatigue was reduced by up to 40% after 60 days. The specific combination of Propax and NTFactor has also been tested in clinical trials and has proven to reduce the fatigue, and other symptoms, of cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy treatments.

Don’t let fatigue take over your life; it can be combated without drug therapies. Join those who have already achieved relief from NTFactor and Propax. Nutritional Therapeutics unique and scientifically tested formulas offer long term and significant relief from fatigue, no matter the source.


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