How to Stay on Track with a Healthy Lifestyle During the Holidays

Do you indulge during the Holiday season and then pledge to return to healthy eating and lifestyle choices at the New Year? What if you were able to keep up with good habits during the Holiday season, would you? Use These Tips for STAYING on Track with Your Healthy Eating and Exercise Habits During the Read More

Does Daylight Savings Time Affect You?

Do the shorter days leave you searching for the energy? Darkness signals your body to produce melatonin, the hormone responsible for making you sleepy, so the shorter days that come along with winter can cause you to feel like hitting the hay instead of the gym. Eating complex carbohydrates, found abundantly in whole grains, starchy Read More

Do you pack on the pounds in the colder months?

Fiber is a great way to stay in shape and there is the added benefit of heart and gastrointestinal heatlh! Be sure to consume plenty of fiber, at least 14 grams per day, for a trim waist year round. A 2006 Bastyr University study found that participants who routinely consumed at least 14 grams of Read More

Eat Your Way Out of the Winter Blues

A daily dose of sunlight, regular exercise and a good night’s rest all boost your mood, here’s another great tip; carbohydrates. Start your day with a bowl of hearty oatmeal! Whole grain carbohydrates, like oatmeal, can help give your sullen winter mood a boost! Carbohydrates help to maintain serotonin levels, keeping you happy and preventing Read More

Do you dread stuffed up sinuses every winter?

Don’t forget about the time-proven, tasty Chicken Soup remedy! It’s not a myth; chicken soup can help you breathe better. Hot liquids temporarily clear your sinuses Chicken soup may reduce inflammation in your nose and throat And there is an added bonus, chicken soup is good for your waist line; most homemade chicken soups are Read More