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How NT Factor Works
NT Factor is a patent pending unique blend of glycophospholipids, probiotics, growth media and antioxidants. 

NT Factor
is intended to reverse the damage done to the cell and mitochondrial membranes in our bodies by free radicals. 

Free radicals are generated as byproducts of many reactions that occur within the body. Our natural body processes produce free radicals; fortunately our body also produces naturally occurring antioxidants that are able to neutralize the harmful molecules before they are able to degrade the lipids in cell and mitochondrial membranes. 

However, when the body is under stress the level of free radicals increases above normal levels and the body's antioxidants are no longer able to accommodate the additional levels. 

Free radicals can be created by our body's interaction with medical treatments, disease, illness, environmental toxins, smoke and allergens. Free radical levels also increase when we have poor diets and consume high fat and sugar containing foods. 

These stressors increase the levels of free radicals, when the body is no longer able to naturally eliminate these free radicals; the body is in a state of oxidative stress. Oxidative stress destroys the lipids in cell and mitochondrial membranes. 

NT Factor is a unique formula that is intended to reverse the damage from oxidative stress by replacing the damaged membrane lipids with healthy ones. 

The intact lipids are absorbed in the gastrointestinal system and travel through the blood to damaged cells. 

Once the healthy lipids are restored; the integrity and structure of the cell are stored, energy production and transfer and enhanced and DNA is protected from attack by free radicals. 

The benefits of NT Factor Lipids have been documented in over 15 years of
clinical studies and research. Healthy lipids in the supplement are absorbed in intestinal cell membranes by the process of Spontaneous Incorporation. NT Factor formulas reach every cell and organ in the body and repair the bio-membrane lipid by the transfer of phospholipids from cell to cell by Lipid Replacement Therapy.

LRT using NT Factor Lipids is enhanced with the additional ingredients in the formula; probiotics, growth media and antioxidants. Probiotics balance the gastrointestinal system and create a stable environment for the healthy lipids to be absorbed and transported through the body. 

Growth media enhances the colonization of the probiotics. Antioxidants help to prevent the degradation of the healthy lipids by free radicals while they are in transit to the damaged cells in the body. 

The most common physical symptom of lipid degradation is fatigue. 

NT Factor formulas have been shown in over 15 years of clinical research to reduce fatigue in as little as 15 minutes and maintain energy levels long term. 

NT Factor formula does not contain herbs, stimulants, caffeine of added sugars and has never shown any adverse reactions in clinical studies or research.

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