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People who are enjoying more energy and better health from NTFactor®. Read testimonials from physicians, nurses and researchers and how the NTFactor® family of products is clinically proven to be successful in repairing and restoring damaged cells. 

Dr. Brett Jacques

I’m Dr. Brett Jacques, the medical director of Tustin Longevity Center. We find NTFactor® to be such a valuable adjunct in our therapy for low energy states including chronic fatigue. Most of our patients rave about the experience they have with it. As a matter of fact, I just had a patient who was non responsive to thyroid therapy who started on the NTFactor®, and finally found she had the energy she had been looking for, that had been missing in her life for quite some time.”

Brighton Ellithorpe            

I have been taking NTFactor® for about 9 years now. The reason I take it is because I am very athletic… I surf, run, and do all kinds of extreme sports, such as snowboarding and skateboarding. I was very fatigued and my endurance levels were going down in the gym and during sports. Since taking NTFactor® the fatigue is gone, my energy levels are up, and I feel very healthy.”

Elyce Monet
I’m 55 years young. I started taking NTFactor® about ten years ago, and my friends tell me today that I look younger than I did ten years ago! I attribute that to a healthy lifestyle, a strong spiritual life, and NTFactor®. Ten years ago I was faced with a very serious health crisis that almost cost me my life, and with the help of NTFactor® I have completely turned around my health naturally. Now I feel like a kid again, and I enjoy life like never before. I am very grateful for NTFactor®, because I really feel like it re-built my body from the inside out.”

Linda Keil, RN
“I am a registered nurse here at the clinic. Our physicians are prescribing NTFactor®, and I decided to try it prior to going skiing. I typically have muscle fatigue after the first day, and after using NTFactor® three times a day, I skied for four days, and felt fabulous! I love NTFactor®!”

Dr. Ronald Hoffman, MD
“The scientific evidence is compelling, but most importantly, my experience with grateful patients and radio listeners convinces me that NTFactor® represents an exciting new key element in a multi-pronged nutritional program to halt and reverse degenerative diseases”.

Jim R.
“I just bought Healthy Aging with High Potency NTFactor® four days ago.  So far the results have been amazing.  Normally, I don’t even bother to write emails, but my rising energy just passed through any writer’s block.”

Alice M.
“This September, my mom will be 100 years old!  She’s quick, witty, and full of life.  She’s an active participant in every phase of her daily activities.  I truly believe that this is due in great part to her taking NTFactor®. 

People are always astounded when they learn my mother’s age and want to know what I give her to keep her so mentally alert – I never hesitate to give NT-Factor the credit.”

“For the past several years, I have been using NTFactor®.  During that time, my health has noticeably improved.

Every Year, I would come down with the flue, viral infection, cold or bronchitis about two or three times during the year.  The infections would last on-three weeks.  Since taking NTFactor®, the one flu I came down with a year ago, lasted two days and I have not developed any other infections since then.  I have more energy and my activity level has increased.  Great product – thank you NTI.”

Robert M.
“After being wounded in 1968 in ‘Nam I’ve had a lot of health problems.  And about 3 years ago I was diagnosed with and enlarged heart and subsequently had a heart attack.  But they couldn’t do bypass surgery because my heart was too weak.  And I started taking NTFactor® and noticed my short term memory had improved, I feel stronger, overall I feel much better than I did.  I just feel better.”

T. Conte.
“I had a double bypass in ’98.  From the time I had the bypass until two years ago I had no drive, no ambition, no energy, nothing.  It was kind of like when’s the end coming, let’s get it over with.  I started taking this [Propax with NTFactor®] and after three weeks all of a sudden I said to my wife, Come on let’s go do this, let’s go do that. And I joined a gym, I now dropped 35 pounds, I feel like a different person.  I’m ready to go back to work.  I recommend it highly.”

J. D.

“I started using Propax with NTFactor® over 6 years ago.  I immediately noticed a change in my energy level.  Whenever I go on the road I stake some extra Propax with NTFactor® along since I travel can be so draining.  Using Propax with NTFactor® daily has been a great way to feel better overall and ready to go every day.”

Stacey B.
As a single mother of two daughters, and the owner of a home construction company, by the end of the day all I wanted to do was sit on the couch because I was so tired.  I just did not have the energy to do things like to do for fun like kayaking, let alone getting the kids from one activity to the next.  On the recommendation of a friend I started taking Propax with NTFactor®…Within a couple of weeks I started noticing that I had more energy and the kids were complaining that they were ‘too’ tired.  Thank you for making such a wonderful product, you have a customer for life.”

Noah F.
“Earlier this year I was struck with considerable adrenal fatigue after years of staggered sleep and work schedule, my body was telling me it needed some retroactive care….Maybe it's early to gage, but I think the Healthy Aging and Propax are both showing results already.  The Propax certainly aids the ‘afternoon slump’, and along with the Healthy Aging is probably working to help the cell regeneration needed in my system’s restoration.”

Denise D.
“I have had breathing problems for the last 10 years of my life.  I have had to take all types of medicines with various side effects.  I was so thrilled to have discovered BreatheClear.  I felt great, I could breathe again without any side effects.  I simply read the directions and my breathing has been great since using BreatheClear Thank you!”

E. Kessel.
I recently started taking BreatheClear and I gotta say …it’s the best I’ve breathed in 13 years – since before I was diagnosed with asthma.  With the first dose I felt a difference… I don’t recommend not taking your prescription medicine – but I do recommend BreatheClear and have recommended it to others I know with asthma. 

Helene T.
You know… I can feel the cool air in my lungs – I think it [BreatheClear] really makes a difference.

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